Associations and Collaborations

"Trusted Partners"


CATCO is Theater – Steven Anderson

Ohio Department of Youth Services


The Columbus Foundation – Steven Moore

Marion Matters – Jodi Demos-Hodgins

Ohio University: Center for Law, Justice & Culture (CLJC) – Haley Duschinski

OU internship program

Yoga on High, Columbus – all the beautiful people there!


Student Alliance for Prison Reform- Laura Komor

Franklin County Commissioner’s Office – Michael Daniels

The Future Project @ NYC Schools – Joyce Gendler

TEDx behind bars movement – Delia Cohen

Udacity – Sebastian Thrun

The House I Live In – David Kuhn/Eugene Jarecki

Geben – Heather Whaley

Pilllar Technologies – Bob Myers

Central Ohio coders – Dan Wiebe

Horizon Inc. – Jeff Hunsaker

Kairos ministries website development – Russ Seal

Great Caesar Band NYC – John-Michael Parker

Starts Within - Carlos Christian

Mighty Crows - Gretchen Hammond and Mandy McGlone

RET3 – Ken Kovach

Franklin County Reentry Coalition

Gentlemen Band - Andrew Davis

Rives - Himself!



In the works:

Discipline with Dignity - Richard Curwin

Social Studies Student Intern Program @ Michigan University – John Waller

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation – Sandy Heierbacher

ECourses, OSU Director of Technology - Brad A. Henry

Participatory Budgeting – Maria Hadden


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