x =independently organized TED event

TEDxMarionCorrectional is the first TEDx to be held inside an adult prison.


From curation and coaching to sound, video, graphics and event planning, TEDx events are run entirely by incarcerated men inside MCI.


We held our Inaugural event in 2012. We are preparing for our 11th event in 2017. 


Because of TEDx and our 24/7 TED channel, the spirit of TED-style learning and sharing is now sewn into the fabric of the institution.  


We assist TEDx events in other correctional institutions.


Talks from all our events can be viewed on our Youtube channel.


The speakers were inspiring, and gave me a fresh new perspective of issues I never knew existed. The event forced me out of my comfort zone, to what should have been one of the scariest places I'd have imagined, but instead I never felt safer. Just became a lifer for this event. See everyone next year.

2015 TEDxMCI attendee

We all believe TEDx in prison is going to make a difference in the world. We get to talk to real people about real things and get our words respected and listened to. We can plan, organize and manage big events like this and One Billion and youth events and learn how to do that well. We are trusted and valued. It feels good.

Dan, HBC program aide & TEDxMCI and TED.tv curator

On the impact of TED TV:

Once I was walking down the hall behind three young guys who by the look of them you’d guess might be talking about last night’s basketball or card game. What caught my attention was hearing the words “sustainable fisheries.” One guy was explaining to the other two the damage done to oceans by commercial fish farms. It could have been gleaned from a PBS documentary, however, when one of the listeners chimed in about a guy converting houses into mini farms I knew they were both talking about TED.tv.

Wayne, HBC program aide & TEDxMCI & TED.tv curator

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Past TEDx Events



9/16/12   A Life Worth Living?

4/22/13   What's NeXt?

6/22/14   Refolding The Box?

6/21/15   Five Year Plan

12/29/16 Revisionist Destiny



9/15/13    What Are You Taking With You?

10/11/14  The Gala of Impudent Concepts

3/14/15     Art & Conviction 



11/14/14  TEDxYouth@TEDxMarionCorrectional

11/15/15  Made in the Future








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