Workforce Development and Job Readiness


MISSION: To invest in people, seeking to reduce the skill gap, and preparing people for middle-skill jobs that require some form of postsecondary training but not a bachelor’s degree. To allow people to become effective workers who can maintain and persevere wherever they may be.




  • Computing Skills: basic (typing and Microsoft Office) and advanced (MOS testing and certification)

  • Agile Factory: Test-driven software development

  • Agile Partners: Coding In The Clink, PrizTech technical conferences, other conferences

  • Agile Webpage development: Kairos Prison Ministry

  • Language for Understanding: Spanish, French, Arabic, ASL

  • Leadership Development: facilitator training, conflict intervention, and team-building.

  • Udacity: CS101

  • Khan Academy: individualized study

  • Event planning: TEDxMarionCorrectional

  • Apprenticeships

"We all believe this is going to make a difference in the world.  We get to talk to real people about real things and get our words respected and listened to.  We can plan, organize, and manage big events like this and One Billion and youth events and learn how to do that well.  We are trusted and valued.  It feels good." -Dan and Wayne (Event Planning)

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