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The Hamilton Project

“I was absolutely and completely blown away!”

The Hamilton Project was presented by our Theater of Conviction troupe, led by Jesse Glover, in collaboration with KUJI Men's Chorus, led by Cathy Roma. A performance of 23 songs from the groundbreaking musical, the men of Marion Correctional beautifully and poignantly deepened and broadened Lin-Manual Miranda's story through the lens of punishment and mass incarceration. Staged in November 2019 for 750 audience members, both incarcerated and free, a remount, due to popular demand, in May 2020 was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID.

I've seen the professional show in Chicago and this was even more moving. This singing, the stage presence, the acting was all on point. And the power that these men brought from the depths of their own lives was palpable. RISE UP. —Stephen Johnson-Grove, audience member

photo credit: Kyle Long


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