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“The Marion men put on a highly professional, mind-shifting, heart opening event during which we had a chance to really connect to the humanity in these men behind bars.”

In 2012, we hosted the first TEDx inside an adult prison—ever. We went on to host 4 more annual events, plus 3 TEDxSalons & 2 TEDxYouth events, so that the spirit of learning exemplified by TED has become part of the fabric of the institution.

From curation and coaching to sound, video, graphics and event planning, our TEDx events are run entirely by incarcerated men inside MCI.

Talks from all our events can be viewed on our Youtube channel.

“The fact that this event is in prison, and is not an event in which people come to ‘view’ or exoticize incarcerated people, means that this is an event where community is built regardless of race, class, or current status in society. We desperately need events like this in our world.”

“Excellent talks. And so much opportunity for conversation. And it was not just a bunch of people at an event, it became a community, it really did.”

“That day will stick out in my mind as one of the most influential in my life.”

photo credit: Tessa Potts


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