Community Outreach...

We seek to promote understanding of the issues surrounding incarceration and restored citizens,

and create a forum for discussion and action. 

VIDEO: High-schoolers & parents of Temple Israel Columbus talk about their life-changing visit to prison, hosted by HBC in February 2016.

The Skype Connection

This strategic initiative seeks to change the face of incarceration by using Skype as a platform for dialogue between young academic leaders and the men of Marion Correctional who participate in Healing Broken Circles. Past partners include Harvard Law School, Cornell University, Duke University and others. 

Presentations & Workshops

Whether formal presentations, informal talks or panel discussions, HBC promotes understanding in the wider community about current issues in incarceration and new models for prison and rentry reform. Most recent invites include the Office of Ohio Public Defenders Office and Ohio University. 

"Joint" Movie Night

HBC spots possibilities and partners and utilizes available resources to create new and unprecedented educational and rehabilitative opportunities. This twist on the usual movie night brought together seven Ohio prisons, one university and a public downtown theater for a joint viewing and post-screening Skype discussion of the documentary "The House I Live In."

Social Justice Immersion

For those who want to learn more and get involved, we host unique visits so that groups can see our work and the results up-close, and share ideas about working together for common goals. We recently hosted groups from Temple Israel, Compassionate Communicators and The Ohio State University.  

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...& Events

TEDxMarionCorrectional is the first TEDx to be held inside an adult prison. Our inaugural event was in 2012 and we will be hosting our 11th TEDxMarionCorrectional in 2017. 


We host a number of other events inside prison, which benefit community education and rehabilitation. The men are able to use and hone their skills in planning, speaking, facilitating, video, audio and design, and most importantly they sustain connections and belonging to the outside. Social ties and opportunites to be productive and engaged members of society improves morale on the inside and is a key predictor of successful reentry. 

Coding in the Clink brings together inside and outside programmers for a day long coding retreat. Read what participants have to say HERE and here

One Billion Rising. With words, music and dance, the men of MCI join people in 200 countries in a mass action to end violence against women. 

H.O.P.E. Music Fest.  A day of accomplishment, fun, friendship, curious minds and warmed hearts as we celebrate our H.O.P.E. graduates.

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