Healing Broken Circles


Providing opportunities to heal, learn, and thrive for those touched by the justice system. 


We Believe. . .


People are not fixed...

No person is defined by one act or moment in time.

Nor can they be fixed by others...

Each person is responsible for their own change and growth. What we do is support and create opportunity for change and growth.


Everyone has strengths and capabilities

We identify and build on existing strengths and capacities to create opportunities and/or develop interventions to nurture growth and change.

Everyone deserves respect and dignity

We operate from a deep understanding of shared humanity; all those we serve and partner with are expected to treat themselves and others with respect and dignity.


Everyone is deserving of a fair chance

We understand that to extend opportunity to someone is a powerful force for change.


The populations we work with understand their own needs

We develop our programs in partnership with the men and women we serve. We create opportunities for self-efficacy and agency.



Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • Providing education and training for people currently and formerly incarcerated.


  • Raising awareness and promoting discussion of the issues that surround incarceration and return to society


  • Collaborating with other organizations with similar goals to address mutual concerns and needs.


  • Involving interns, volunteers and ambassadors so as to create a greater impact for change.


  • Fundraising to support these endeavors. 



Our work is based on the following theories and practices: 

  • Resilience and Developmental factors

  • Strength-based practice

  • Circle of Courage 

  • Trauma-responsive approach

  • Desistance theory 


Our programs focus on 5 areas:

  • Turning Professional—workforce development & job readiness

  • True Potential—community & self-awareness


  • Thinking People—advanced & continuing education


  • Thriving Path—caring for mind, body & spirit


  • Talented Performers—art & creativity

Poetry Slam by Convicted Lyrics, HBC's poetry group 

Dads sew blankets for their children in our Fatherhood Program: "This is so much more fun than burglarizing a house!"

With donated supplies, Dads help each other thread needles and tie bows as they wrap gifts for their children. "Please tell those generous angels about today so they can know what a difference they have made in my life."

Friendship and connection at TEDxMarionCorrectional 

Putting newly-learned facilitation and communication skills into practice at one of HBC's many events. 

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