Art and Creativity


MISSION: Our newest area will make space and provide support for creativity and self-expression, for healthy expression of feelings, and for opportunities to showcase talent.





  • "Take That Back" improv group with Bill and Sue

  • Oasis Theater with Steven

  • Occasional Art Expression with Suanne

  • Poetry and more Poetry, Convicted Lyrics

  • Writing with Jordan, now with Self

  • Rhythm in Blues

  • Theater of Conviction with Jesse

  • associations with other MCI organizations and entities who have "Silent Choir,'" "mushfake art," "bands"

          and other expressive program

“I enjoy LifeLine very much because it gives me a real opportunity to learn from people who know what they are doing and teaching at the same time, Thanks to LifeLine I can now read and write Spanish, now I am learning to type on a computer in my dorm and I am also learning sign language. Thanks to everyone who comes in or helps in some way." - Daniel G., LFU participant

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